SERVICIOS medicion  de espesoresUltrasonic Thickness measurement Our technicians evaluate ship hulls through thickness measurement in accordance with the applicable IACS rules, within the regulatory framework of the main international classification societies such as Lloy’s Register, Bureau Veritas, American Bureau of Shipping, Germanischer Lloyd, Rina, ClassNK, Det Norsske Veritas or Spanish Maritime Authority..
servicios particulas magneticas (2)Magnetic Particle Inspection Search for fatigue cracks, sub-surface and surface-breaking discontinuities as well as pores in ferromagnetic materials.
SERVICIOS  CONTROL ESTANQUEIDADTightness test UTM S. L. is the first Spanish company certified in Tightness test of all types of ships: ORE, Bulk Carrier, LPG, Ro-Ro, fishing and cement carrier. Our technicians inspect the cargo holds lock systems for different agencies and classification societies (P&I Clubs, ISM, London Club, Cargo Underwriters, Class Survey, etc.) guaranteeing the proper cargo sealing procedures in compliance with IACS UR Z17 (DNV403).
servicios soldarura ultrasonidosPenetrant Testing With this inspection method, seams, laps, laminations, pores and surface cracks can be located in solid materials and welds.
foto30Ultrasond Inspection This technique allows the ultrasound location of laminations, cracks, discontinuities or pores at any depth in different types of materials and welds.
servicios trabajos submarinos (2)Underwater Service Our divers have achieved more than 16 years of experience in ship stranding operations, repair and maintenance of underwater structures, hydraulic works, refloating operations, outfalls control, cutting and welding works, locating and repairing water leaks, hull and structure inspections, marking wrecked ships, thickness measurement and underwater Non-Destructive Testing, etc.
servicios medicion esperores sin andamiosThickness measurement with no scaffolding required The qualification and specialization of our inspectors in the field of security systems and techniques applicable to work at height allows us to get to inaccessible areas (bulkheads, chimneys, web frames, etc.) or high cost areas because of the traditional scaffolding (superstructures, compass bridges, ventilation trunks, cofferdams, etc.).